Learn to Love Like God


At 46 years old, Matt Chandler wants to cheer you on. 

Why? Because he knows that as the world grows darker and darker, it needs you to shine brighter and brighter. After all, that’s what the world is desperately looking for, people who have come alive in Jesus and who reflect the brightness of His Glory. 

But how do we do that? How do we live out our days in such a way that the people around us have to stop and take notice of the light shining within us? 

Well, to do that, Matt Chandler says we are going to need the love of God and the power of God. The problem is that in a post-truth world, we’ve largely lost the true definition of love.

In this message from Passion 2021, Pastor Matt Chandler brought an incredible word out of 1 John that helped us reorient ourselves with God’s definition of love. It’s out of that definition, Pastor Matt said, that our very lifestyles and attitudes have to flow if we are going to make the ultimate impact with our time on earth and spend the time we’ve been given entirely for the sake of the Gospel. 

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Watch Matt Chandler’s talk from session four of Passion 2019 as he teaches us that the way to experience the grace and mercy of God is through our deepest wounds. It is in those dark places that we wish to hide from the world that grace desperately wants to invade.

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