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I Am
#4 in series

I AM the Good Shepherd

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Think about a shepherd. What is their primary responsibility? Shepherds tend to their sheep. A good shepherd takes great responsibility for the safety and welfare of his flock. He will guide his sheep through the day, protecting them from walking the wrong way, eating the wrong thing, or wandering into danger. In a sense, the shepherd is protecting the sheep from themselves. The shepherd also lies attentive among his sheep to defend against any threats predators may pose in the night. Jesus says to His sheep, “I am the Good Shepherd.”

Jesus looks after His own like a shepherd does his sheep. The truth is that God’s desire was not to delegate this work of caring for us to someone else. It is quite the opposite. He takes it personally. God humbled himself so that we could know His love and fatherly affection. In His perfect plan, God stepped out of Heaven to take on flesh so that we could know and be known by Him. If you are reading this right now, God wants to know you. His desire to know you was so strong that Jesus, our good shepherd, stepped into our story to save us from ourselves through His death and resurrection.

In Psalm 23, David writes, “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.” This statement can be true for you as well. A sheep under the care of a good shepherd can move through each day with the peace that comes in knowing He is your protector. Your story may seem anything but safe right now but know that your shepherd is watching. He will provide for you, and he will protect you.

Our prayer is that you would feel the comfort and safety that comes from being known and loved by God. You serve a God who held nothing back in order to restore a right relationship with His creation. You can trust the shepherd who gave up His life to guide your daily life.

How can you remind yourself daily of the love displayed in the life and death of Jesus?

What area of your life needs to be surrendered to the care of the shepherd?