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The Dwelling Place
#2 in series

Better Than Life

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What satisfies your soul?

You may be familiar with the cravings of your belly—but what about the cravings of your soul? And which is more important? The psalmist’s answer is clear: God’s love satisfies and permeates the soul deeper than the greatest promises of the world.

The word life in today’s passage refers to earthly abundance. Even on a mountaintop of success and satisfaction, where you could not imagine life getting any better, God’s love is still better. It’s greater than any career, any relationship, and even life itself. In fact, the key to living an abundant life is only found in the freedom, confidence, and joy that come from God’s love.

It’s easy to say, but do you believe His love is better than life? If you say you believe, do you prove your belief with your actions? Dwell on the Lord, and let your joy overflow into praise as you delight in His incomparable love.

Lord, change my perspective when I don’t believe that You and Your love are the best things in my life. May I only seek to be satisfied by You.

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