20 Lessons from Dad

2 min read

As we’re getting ready for an amazing Father’s Day here at Passion City Church, our team wanted to share a few pearls of wisdom from our dads and mentors that stuck with us over the years, those one-liners that planted themselves in our heads and hearts that have helped shape how we see the world. We hope these encourage you and bring up fond memories of the people who have spoken into your life over the years.

  • Being humble and approachable is the best way to walk into any situation.
  • Every victory or failure in life can be passed on as a valuable lesson.
  • Don’t stop at good enough.
  • When you commit to someone or something, follow through.
  • Be willing to have tough conversations.
  • Be a problem solver, bring solutions.
  • Keep your sight focused on what God has for you and consult Him as a mentor.
  • Treat everyone with the level of respect you want to be treated with.
  • Leadership is about serving, not being in charge.
  • You have something distinct to offer this world and the people around you.
  • Everyone gets to a point in their lives where they ask themselves, “Can I make it? Do I have what it takes?” Don’t be intimidated by the question. God has given you all you need to thrive!
  • Be generous always.
  • Feelings are important, but they can be confusing. Always double-check them against the truth.
  • See the people that no one else sees.
  • Authenticity means you’re the same person, no matter where you are or who you are with.
  • It’s not about what you do, but who you are.
  • Always do the next right thing.
  • Don’t hold on to an expectation of perfection; there is grace for your mistakes; be sure to learn from them.
  • Someone else’s happiness is not your responsibility, but your kindness is.
  • Looking at life through someone else’s eyes is often the first step to resolving any conflict.